I want to be like a calm sea

Calm sea

I like the sea, eventhough I've seen it rarely in my lifetime. I really like the sea, eventhough I mostly hear its sound on youtube. I love the sea, even if I mostly see it as a computer's background image.

Point made: The sea is really something, you know. I just like it, and I don't have to know many stuff about it. I mean the essence. The color. The sound. The atmosphere. Some people happen to not want you to be content and relaxed. To be content with whatever it is that you are given in this short life. Some people just want to see you hurting. And I really don't want this anymore. I am tired of it.

Back to the sea. The sea is calm. The sea is simple. You might think that: "well, it's not really calm from the inside???!!". But does it matter? Isn't it calm overall? I just want to be like a calm sea. I just want to be content. Blue and serene. With no worries. Just seeing people and welcoming them. Without demanding anything or being shot by fire. I want to absorb the fire. You know, like the sea? It can't burn! It absorbs all the fire that could be thrown at it. With calmness. Naturally. I want to look at clouds and say: "you're only what comes before the rain aren't you?". I truly want to be like a calm sea. See?

Anyways, life goes on. Be content, my friend.

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