I am a Lebanese citizen by birth, but I identify myself to come from the “Levant” or “بلاد الشام” in Arabic. That’s because of the reality of the shared landscape, culture, and language between the countries of this area. In fact, it hasn’t been a long time since they have been separated by the map’s borderlines.
More importantly, I was born within a Muslim family (and thus a Muslim by default), and I am growing more grateful for that everyday. I hope for every person to have an open mind towards seriously learning about Islam and really realizing what they are misunderstanding (and missing) by not doing so and just ignoring it as an 'exotic' or a 'foreign' thing due to the hostility and presenting false claims about it that came from one side, and the irresponsibility and idleness in conveying the facts that came from the other side. This Youtube channel is quite nice as a starter. Also this book.
I come from a town called “Al Manara” in Lebanon’s West Beqaa valley, and my house there is my favorite place in the world, where I have ‘extensively’ taken pictures around.
I recently finished my License and Master’s degrees in Computer Science from the Lebanese University, where I had my good share of gladness and sorrow. An experience I will never forget.
Currently, I have started a PhD in Computer Science within the PARTOUT team at Inria - LIX advised by Dale Miller and Kaustuv Chaudhuri. Looking forward to what it might turn into, and appreciating the opportunity.

You can check my current Resumé here.